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“We’ve created an environment focused around patient-centered care, and the ViZion DR solution from Viztek supports this model and enables us to tend to every patient, as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said William McKinney, senior vice president, Infrastructure, MedSpring Urgent Care. “Whether they have a broken finger or pneumonia, patients and their families don’t want to sit around and wait for their diagnosis and treatment. The ViZion Straight Arm DR allows us to significantly increase our quality and speed of treatment, often providing a better option to the local hospital emergency department, for non-life threatening medical conditions.”

Straight Arm DR X-ray System

Viztek DR Systems

Konica Minolta is a leading provider for all Urgent Care Digital Imaging needs. With our exclusive Straight Arm DR and advanced PACS, we can offer an end-to-end solution for any Urgent Care facility.

The Straight Arm DR is a compact and efficient DR solution ideal for any Urgent Care facility. The Straight Arm can accommodate any view and exam, including hips, wheel chairs and table work. The Straight Arm DR offers advanced image quality and full DICOM functionality allowing for the most efficient workflow.

“Our new straight arm DR solution utilizes Gadolinium or CsI Flat Panels to produce images at a quality that simply did not exist a few years ago,” said Steve Deaton, Vice President of Sales. “Ideal for smaller hospital facilities and urgent care centers, the unit’s small footprint provides healthcare practitioners with an easy to operate digital solution. It eliminates the considerable expense of a traditional ceiling suspended x-ray setup with no reduction in quality.”

Image quality with the ViZion Straight Arm DR is superb, and it frees the technologist to be able to position the machine around the patient, often reducing time spent in the room.

Click Here for the Straight Arm DR Data Sheet

Straight Arm Demo Video – Youtube Link

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Overhead Tube Digital Radiography Room

Digital X-Ray Sales Info


The Overhead Tube Crane (OTC) Digital Radiography Room is available in a variety of combinations to best fit the needs of your facility.  You can use a tilting or non-tilting wall stand with an integrated 17×17 Flat Panel Detector; a wall and table system with a Wireless Detector (wi-D); even as a Dual Detector solution for high throughput and flexibility.

  • Touch screen display for SID and angulation
  • Telescoping arm allows for small focus-to-ceiling distance
  • Electromagnetic brake for telescopic lift and transverse track. Available with manual or automatic collimator with vertical tracking capability
  • Elevating table with 800lb patient load capacity
  • Slender design wall stand with electric “Fail Safe” lock
  • Imaging excellence: digital speed and flexibility
  • Enhanced workflow: fingertip convenience

Web Based PACS

Web Based PACS Viewer

The PACS is web-based and easy to use, allowing for streamlined image viewing anywhere that you have an internet connection. OPAL PACS offers a simple user interface consistent with many other common computer programs in use today. The result is a precise, logical, and intuitive set of tools that gives complete control over medical images and data like never before.

 Opal-RAD PACS Brochure

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