Full Billing System with advanced features and workflow Integrated into the RIS to give you the ability to automatically import studies into the Charge module; Billing User can use Opal-RAD PACS to read radiology reports, add ICD9 codes and verify charges; Claim information can be viewed and modified and patient payments/co-pays applied to the encounter. 


    Claims can be submitted to the clearing house of your choice in 837 format; Availity and Emdeon are two popular companies we submit to; Claim Scrub Report to catch errors before claims are submitted.


    View all claims in “Pending Payment” status; Select claims by date range of no payment or activity; Select claims by insurance company; Print work report; Re-flag claims; Drill-down to charge entry to change claims; Drill-down to patient inquiry; Change claim status. 

    Line-item payment posting to track reimbursement rates for insurance carriers and easily transfer claim responsibility to secondary companies or patients; Automatic payments posting from the 835 Remittance File (ERA), a file with EOB data for 100 claims is posted in seconds. 

    Monthly Statements; New patient balances after insurance payments have been applied; One patient statements; Plain Paper/Printed forms/Electronic. l PATIENT INQUIRY: Statement comments by encounter; Automatic comments generated; Patient comments on account; Alert messages; Overall account aging and patient-only balances. 

    Accounts Receivable Aging, Summary and Detail; Insurance Balance Aging; Patient Balance Aging; Procedure Analysis by Insurance Company; Payments by Insurance Company; Referring Provider Summary; Modality Summary; Custom reports available.
  • Viztek Billing Software

  • Billing SW

  • Claim Information

  • Claim Tracker

  • Billing Payments
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