‘Per Shot’ Program

Although the purchase of the Opal-RAD digital radiology tools makes great financial sense by drastically cutting costs while increasing patient workflow (and thus revenue), we realize that it is not possible with every budget to purchase the entire system outright. The “Per Shot” payment program alleviates this condition by cutting the initial cash outlay to a fraction of the full purchase price, and charging a small fee per exam.

The benefit of this program is twofold: the smaller initial investment and the flexibility to discontinue use of the system in the future without having purchased the entire system up front.


Offsite Storage

For security and availability considerations, especially arising from recent federal regulations, we offers offsite secure storage of medical images. A software module is attached to Opal-RAD and automatically sends secondary copies of the Center’s exams to a secure location at our facility. These transmissions can be scheduled for off-times to avoid network congestion during busy periods.

Exams are stored on dedicated servers at our facility. Should the exams in your secondary backup ever be needed, they are available immediately, minimizing downtime and assuring your institution’s continued workflow.



Warranties are available on hardware purchased as part of an Opal-RAD installation.



The training sessions are valuable to new customers, existing facilities with new employees, and dealers who offer our products. Truly knowing the full capabilities of the systems can significantly benefit any facility’s efficiency and production. The courses are offered in several different packages throughout the year to accommodate a wide range of attendants.


Customer Service

We are commited to supporting its software products and offers differing levels of customer technical support, including a 24x7plan. Customer Service includes everything from simple usage questions (“what does this button do?”) to complex situations (“how do we set up MRI exams from one modality to automatically route to another site and appear as ‘READ’ on our workstations?”) to software upgrades incorporating new features and refinement of old ones.


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