Telemedicine is for the doctor who is frequently on the move and wishes to diagnose cases wherever (s)he is at the time. Opal-RAD supports two different methods of achieving telemedicine:

Teleradiology Video

“Pull” exams from the Server

The OnCall feature automates pulling exams from the server; locate the exam(s) to read, and “pull” them from the Server with no mouse clicks. Pulling an exam presents a progress meter, so that the Doctor knows exactly how long the transfer will take. Exams can also be pulled via “live load,” where individual images in the exam appear on the screen as soon as they are transferred, allowing the doctor to quickly diagnose pathology without waiting for the rest of the images to transfer.

“Push” exams to the doctor

After an initial configuration, technologists simply push exams to the doctor’s location via a few mouse clicks. Exams travel to their destination via any configured network media, including phone line, cable modem, DSL, ISDN, etc.

The doctor has an Opal-RAD TeleRad Viewer which listens for and receives the incoming exams, then presents the new exam to the doctor.

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