Imaging Center

The Imaging Center specializes in scanning patients and diagnosing pathology, all in-house. Often the Center will have multiple modalities, including MRI, Catscan, Ultrasound, and X-ray. It is, in many respects, like a mini-hospital, demanding the same stability and performance of a hospital-grade PACS. Pertinent goals for such centers is reducing or eliminating the costs associated with processing film, and increasing the patient workflow.
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Orthopedic Practice

A state-of-the-art Web-based PACS, Opal-ORTHO offers the full range of advanced features with the fewest amount of clicks. Learn more

Hospital Enterprise

Hospitals are the ultimate stress test for a PACS, with multiple modalities pumping images in, multiple connected viewer workstations, and many other responsibilities such as printing, transmitting exams to other sites, and serving Telerad viewers. Opal-Rad PACS meets all of these challenges head-on and provides the stability and on-demand performance required in this environment. Learn more

Urgent Care

The Straight Arm DR is a compact and efficient DR solution ideal for any Urgent Care facility. The Straight Arm can accommodate any view and exam, including hips, wheel chairs and table work.

Private Clinic

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Telemedicine is for the doctor who is frequently on the move and wishes to diagnose cases wherever (s)he is at the time. Learn more

Portable X-Ray

The ViZion + DR solution is ideal for the mobile market. The mobile offering includes a 14×17-inch GOS tethered panel and an integration kit for use with most portable/mobile x-ray units. Learn more


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