The system includes a 14×17-inch GOS wireless panel and an integration kit for use with most Portable X-ray units.

The ViZion + DR solution is ideal for the mobile imaging market.


The advanced panel technology offers mobile users significantly enhanced image quality and speed compared to currently available mobile CR solutions. ViZion + DR provides faster delivery of exams than CR as well as a smaller footprint. Its increased exam delivery speed supports higher throughput, potentially resulting in increased revenues. The higher rate of exams translates directly to being able to visit more facilities in a day, which can result in additional portage reimbursements.

The ViZion + DR solution transmits images instantly and securely over cellular or WiFi connections, without the need for costly VPN devices. The mobile transmission software makes it easy to deliver prompt turnaround times for exam reading, while secure image encryption ensures HIPAA compliance.


ViZion Mobile DR Sell Sheet

 ViZion DR + Wireless

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