Exa PACS is the latest in imaging technology. With Server-Side-Rendering and a true diagnostic Zero Footprint Viewer, the system is faster and more powerful than ever.

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Opal-Rad Web based PACS encompasses a powerful suite of digital radiology tools to achieve a fully integrated patient database, imaging, and communications system.

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A state-of-the-art Web-based PACS, Opal-ORTHO offers the full range of advanced features with the fewest amount of clicks

Opal-ORTHO’s thin-client architecture requires only an Internet connection and browser to turn any standard PC into a diagnostic workstation. The results are significant cost savings over proprietary PACS hardware and the flexibility to work anywhere.

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Combine the versatile Opal-RAD Professional Workstation software with our Web-based Viewer and you have Anywhere, Anytime Viewing.

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The dynamic Web-based Opal-wRIS is a completely Meaningful Use Certified EHR that meets all required measures natively in the software. The Opal-EHR software suite maintains the business driven features that streamline practice workflow and enhance profitability while adding upgrades necessary for Meaningful Use Certification purposes.
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Opal-wRIS is a dynamic Web-based RIS software designed to streamline practice workflow while enhancing profitability. With a series of intuitive tools, Opal-wRIS easily delivers important patient, insurance, and facility information designed to create and maintain the most productive and efficient business.
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Konica Minolta offers an advanced integrated software package for mammography viewing and tracking.
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Chiropractic clinics seek to present a professional and efficient image to their clients. The Opal-CHIRO PACS solution for these clinics allows the patients’ x-rays to be quickly imported into the system, available for diagnosis much quicker than film. Thus the system also affords the clinic faster reads, reduced or eliminated film costs, and eliminates the need for physical storage space to archive film.
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Flat Panel DR X-Ray UpgradesKonica Minolta  now offers a complete Direct Radiography (DR) solutions. We offer U-Arm Systems, Straight Arms for Urgent and Primary Care, Overhead Tube Rooms to supply your practice with most cutting edge Digital Radiography Systems on the market.
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ViZion DR + Flat Panels

Flat Panel DR X-Ray UpgradesThe ViZion + line of DR products is available in multiple configurations to Retrofit your current Radiography Rooms with ease. We provide complete upgrade kits that include Grids and Bucky Cabinets.
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With today’s Meaningful-Use standards and clear technical benefits, it is more common than ever to interface with information systems. Added benefits include being able to open the PACS directly from the EMR software. Integration no longer simply assists in managing patient demographics, but offers clear and tangible workflow benefits.
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