Exa Mammo
Viewing mammography images has never been easier.  The Exa viewer integrates seamlessly with any DICOM compliant PACS.
Exa Mammo accepts images from all modalities allowing for optimal efficiency.



*Now with full Breast Tomosynthesis support including BTO slabbing.

Zero-footprint viewing allows for access to tomosynthesis
images, any where, from any Web enabled computer.

Server-side rendering enables ultra fast image delivery
regardless of computer hardware.

With superior access to images, Exa Mammo
allows for fast and easy access to any and all
mammography images from any computer.

View DBT images from any workstation with instant access and zero lag time.

Other mammography viewers only allow for DBT
images to be viewed on dedicated viewers within the
main facility.

Mammo PACS or Stand alone Viewer

Exa-Mammo Viewer is available either as a stand alone viewer that can be integrated with any DICOM PACS, or the full
Exa-Mammo PACS.


Exa Mammo Viewer Features Include:

  • Multiple Acquisition sources for mammography are
    supported, including the following: CR, FFDM, MR,
    US, Digitized Scans
  • The mammography viewing station comes with standard
    PACS tools in addition to features especially dedicated
    for mammography

    • Auto-Orient Mammograms for fast and easy viewing
    • Quadrant Zoom: single key-click access
    • Synchronized Zoom
    • Chest wall justification: auto back-to-back breasts
    • Invert tissue
    • Measurement tools
    • CAD Counter
    • Integrated report dictation option
  • Supports all major CAD vendors: Structured Reports and GSPS
    • CAD reports stored as DICOM structured reports w/patient files
    • CAD is launched from tool bar
  • Configurable with any monitor
    • Simultaneous gray scale and color monitor capabilities from different modalities
  •  Advanced hanging protocols with mammography comparison functionality
  • Left and right images are matched with pertinent priors
  • Mammography tracking is offered through integrated third party software. Ask your sales representative for more information.
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