Viztek Introduces Sophisticated OnCall Feature to Opal-RAD PACS

Written by Viztek on January 9, 2008. Posted in News & Events

New Any Time, Anywhere Auto-Routing Meets Today’s Evolving Radiology Needs

Viztek introduces to its Opal-RAD Web-based PACS a sophisticated OnCall auto-routing feature that delivers designated exams to any Web-enabled PC to enable flexible any time, anywhere reading.  “In today’s complex radiology environment, our new OnCall feature meets an important need,” says Steve Deaton, Product Manager for Viztek. “With radiologists reading in multiple locations, practices outsourcing exams and the growth of teleradiology services, this innovative feature enables management of complex business relationships and significantly streamlines workflow.”

Opal-RAD OnCall allows users to define where and when particular types of studies will be automatically pushed over the Internet, without any pre-planned setup or IT coordination.  For example, exams in for a specific modality or involving a specific anatomical region can be auto-routed to a radiology sub-specialist who reads from a remote office or at home.  All studies can be sent to a teleradiology group anywhere worldwide for real-time or after hours reading.

With no advance set up, users simply log into the Opal-RAD application from any Web-enabled PC and activate the OnCall feature to begin immediate exam download. During a work session, all newly acquired exams matching the user’s criteria are automatically sent to this remote computer for immediate availability with no wait time.  All user worklists are instantly updated as reading is completed. The system enables server-based accountability to ensure that all exams are available for reading, dictation and transcription in a timely fashion.

To ensure secure image communication, the Opal-RAD OnCall application establishes an encrypted link between the server and remote computer, eliminating the need to create a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel for image routing.  Used as communications link on numerous other PACS applications, VPNs are costly and involve point-to-point image transfer only, without the any time, anywhere flexibility of the Opal-RAD OnCall system.

“The new OnCall system is just one of the many ways Viztek is constantly updating Opal-RAD to meet the evolving needs of today’s radiologists,” comments Deaton.

About Viztek 

Viztek, Inc. is a leading provider of complete digital imaging solutions, including software and hardware, backed by comprehensive training and support.  The company’s advanced Opal-RAD PACS and RIS suite delivers advanced functionality and connectivity at an affordable price.  Web-based architecture, with ultra-fast image streaming, ensure timely, efficient communications throughout the enterprise and beyond.

Since 1999, Viztek’s comprehensive line of solutions has addressed the needs of radiologists, with special emphasis on the small- to medium-hospital market, as well as medical specialists from orthopedists to chiropractors and podiatrists.  Viztek has more than 1500 CR and 500 PACS solutions installed worldwide.  For more information, visit or call 1-800-366-5343. Viztek is a wholly owned subsidiary of 20/20 HealthCare.

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