Konica Minolta Launches Omnibus Campaign in Response to Medicare Reductions for Analog and CR Imaging Exams

Written by Ronny Bachrach on May 10, 2016. Posted in News & Events

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging (KMMI), a leader in Primary Imaging Solutions, today announced the launch of its Omnibus Campaign, a program designed to educate and empower customers needing to transition to Digital Radiography from analog X-ray systems and Computed Radiography (CR) equipment. The campaign follows the recent enactment of the federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, also known as the Omnibus Bill, which reduces Medicare payments for imaging exams performed on analog X-ray and CR equipment beginning in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The government hopes that the bill will encourage clinicians to transition to Digital Radiography system (DR).

“Now that the 2016 Omnibus Bill has been enacted, the time is right for physician practices still using analog and CR imaging to make the switch to Digital Radiography for more efficient, higher quality X-ray,” said Guillermo Sander, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager – The Americas for Konica Minolta. “The combination of technology change and reimbursement penalties can be overwhelming, so Konica Minolta has proactively invested in an educational program to assist the orthopedic, podiatry and urgent care practices, among others, with this transition.”

While many are familiar with the advantages of DR including faster imaging, greater clarity and image quality, and improved workflow and efficiency, the benefit of lower cost of ownership is sometimes a lesser known. Not only have innovations in DR provided many options so practices can identify the right technology for their imaging needs, but increased patient throughput and full reimbursement increase the return on investment.

“The Konica Minolta Omnibus Program will enable the thousands of hospitals and clinics still using CR and analog to clearly see the cost value, understand the efficiency gains, and be armed with the right questions to make the smart choice in DR,” said Sander.

Enabling providers to adopt the best DR technology to meet their needs and ensure their staff and patients are up-to-
speed on the change, the Konica Minolta Omnibus Campaign is arming physicians and their practice staff with an array of materials so that they are knowledgeable about:

 The reimbursement change impact

 The ROI of DR imaging technology over CR and film

 How DR might improve clinical workflow, including allowing greater throughput of patients

 Questions to ask a potential DR vendor

 How other practices similar to theirs have benefited from DR

Case studies from practices that have made the switch – for example, a sports medicine clinic wanting to enhance their clinical and business performance expanded its capabilities and revenue, significantly improved turnaround time, and achieved faster, more accurate diagnoses by employing DR technology. Similarly, an orthopedic practice whose goal was faster, more efficient patient diagnosis and treatment, achieved 20-30 percent overall cost savings, a 10 percent increase in patient throughput and 10 minute average reduction in patient waiting time by migrating to DR.

For additional information on how to successfully transition to DR with Konica Minolta Digital Radiography systems, visit

www.omnibusinvasion.com or www.konicaminolta.com/medicalusa.

Ronny Bachrach

Ronny Bachrach

Marketing Director at Viztek LLC
Responsible for all marketing activities including, press, advertising, trade show coordination, website management, dealer and customer communications.
Ronny Bachrach
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